Robby Gordon auf dem Weg nach Lissabon

Bei Robby Gordon gibt’s ein paar neue Bilder unter Dakar 2006. Allerdings sehen die beiden Hummer sehr nach Serienfahrzeugen aus. Ich gehe davon aus, dass das die Begleitfahrzeuge sind.

Obwohl: Dachgepäckträger auf einem Rallyeauto – Verrückt genug wäre die Amis ja. 😉

Danke für den Hinweis Heino. 🙂

Update: Noch mehr Bilder von Robby Gordons Dakar-Auto gibt es hier und auch hier. Danke an Klaus für die Info.

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  1. Heino sagt:

    Moin, heute morgen sind ein paar neue Bilder dazugekommen, unter anderem ein T1-Fahrzeug ohne Karosserie. Das wird wohl das Rennauto sein.



  2. Thomas sagt:

    To my eye, Robby’s Hummer looks good except for the big square fender wells in the rear….wow those are perhaps very functional, but very box-like. You could sleep on one, if you get stuck out in the desert, lol. No matter though, I guess it fits with the box/utilitarian look of the original Hummer. Looks like the shocks are typically Baja-huge but suspension travel is obviously limited now…far less than the Baja rules allow. (The vehicle has a much lower height/stance than a Baja vehicle.) I understand the engine is a detuned variation of the
    Corvette LS6 engine, they are calling it an LS2. It runs on regular
    gas and has lower compression, and built to run with the huge FIA restrictor plate. Overall, the vehicle is a 2wd „unlimited buggy“ or „truggy“ chassis, based on the large buggy concept. Heavy, at 4500lbs, by Dakar standards, but roughly 1000-2000 lbs less than a baja spec truck. I think the wide-track chassis will help them vs. the FIA Raid cars on the flatter, rocky, open stages, but I also think that at 4500 lbs, they may indeed wish they had 4wd when they get to the dunes. 4500 lbs may just sink in the fine grain sand with 2wd. Also I wonder about fuel consumption rates, but I don’t have any data to judge this. We’ll see. It will be interesting. You have to give the guy a lot of credit for having the determination to pull this together on his own in less than a year, and just go out there and try to compete with the Dakar Dynasties like Mitsu and VW. He’s a bit nuts, not conventional, but that’s what people love about him. I hope Darren is a good with a compass! Good luck boys!

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